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Conveyancing Services

The Finest Conveyancing Services in Yorkshire

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing services are required whenever property or land is bought or sold. A Conveyancer is often needed to ensure the transaction is legal and is often the first person involved in this legal process. From residential conveyancing to commercial property conveyancing – we can help you every step of the way.

Our team of Licensed Conveyancers have a wealth of experience providing a range of services to our valued clients in Yorkshire and beyond. With over 30 years of experience helping buyers and sellers, Angela Viney Conveyancing Services are most certainly the experts when it comes to the conveyancing process.

Get an Estimate for our Services

Use our very own fee calculator to get an estimate of the cost of our conveyancing services.

Why Choose Angela Viney Conveyancing Services?

Angela Viney Conveyancing Services is a trading style of PM Law Ltd and PM Property Lawyers Limited. It was one of the very first licenced conveyancing services in England and Wales, with Angela Viney herself becoming a Licenced Conveyancer in 1988. 

During her extensive career, Angela Viney has been Chair of the CLC, which is the regulatory body for Licensed Conveyancers. She has also been Chair of the SLC, which is the representative body for Licensed Conveyancers. 

Combined with serving on the Calderdale Bench as a Magistrate and Justice of Peace, the 'fit and proper' threshold required to be a Licensed Conveyancer is certainly met here at Angela Viney Conveyancing Services.   

As a result, our practice is highly respected throughout the industry, and indeed by the thousands of clients we have continued to serve during the past 30 years.

Trusted Conveyancing Experts

Our conveyancing services cover a variety of different processes and services. Conveyancing isn’t just a necessary aspect of buying or selling property, it’s surprisingly varied.

From buy to let, to purchasing your neighbour’s field that’s for sale, the team here at Angela Viney Conveyancing Services are on hand to assist with all manner of issues relating to the transfer of ownership of property.

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Understanding the Conveyancing Process

Need help understanding how our conveyancing services work? We explain the conveyancing process to help you understand it in more detail.

Ready To Instruct Us?

If you’re ready to instruct us, get in touch today. Get expert legal advice quickly and efficiently with Angela Viney Conveyancing Services.

We always recommend making a final inspection of your registered property title via the Land Registry website before instructing us. That way, when you are ready to appoint our services, we can start the conveyancing process without any initial delays.

Check the contact details and location of our Halifax Office.

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