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Land & Rural Conveyancing

When it comes to buying or selling land or an estate, you will need expert advice every step of the way. Any decisions you make could affect future generations of your family, particularly if, for example, you are buying a farm.

The property lawyers at Angela Viney provide one of the best land and rural conveyancing services in Yorkshire. As one of the longest-running rural, land and estate conveyancers in England and Wales, we’ll use all of our experience to ensure a smooth process for your transaction.


Conveyancing for Land Purchase

Like all other types of property purchase, conveyancing is still required for land purchase. We’ll provide you with advice and support that will secure your investment and, ultimately, protect your interests.

Our team can support you in matters including:

  • Transferring Single Farm Payment entitlements

  • Milk quota issues

  • Grants and payments relating to woodlands

  • Protecting supporting rights

  • Employee and tenancy issues

  • Dealing with public access and rights of way

  • Business structures and estate planning

  • Diversification opportunities

Rural & Land Conveyancing Yorkshire

As we’re based in Yorkshire, we’ve got plenty of experience providing land conveyancing services in our beautiful home county. We have a detailed understanding of land conveyancing in Yorkshire and how it works, making us the perfect option if you’re looking to buy or sell land in the area.

Check the contact details and location of our Halifax Office.

Thinking about buying land?

If you’re in need of land conveyancing services in Yorkshire and beyond, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experienced property lawyers will always be on hand to give you advice you can trust.

All three offices are open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day, Monday to Friday, and each office can be reached by contacting them on each dedicated line, or via the main email address which is:

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