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Probate Conveyancing

Probate and property transfer matters can be stressful without the right level of support. This is why most people seek out probate conveyancing services – to ensure the process is handled lawfully, respectfully and sensitively.

It can be difficult knowing who to appoint to take care of such life-changing events but rest assured, with the probate conveyancing team at Angela Viney, you’ll receive an outstanding service from start to finish.

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Professional Probate Conveyancing with a Personal Touch

At Angela Viney Conveyancing Services, we are dedicated to ensuring our practice offers the best possible care when it comes to Wills and Probate. This is why Angela Viney herself supports clients at all our offices on a diverse range of probate conveyancing issues.

Angela’s approach is warm and straightforward. There’s no legalese or overuse of jargon – we keep things simple. Whether she is giving advice to a professional or to somebody less familiar with probate, Angela takes care to ensure each client is confident in their understanding of the matters at hand.

Why Use Our Probate Conveyancing Services?

Our experience is what separates us from others. We have been providing high-quality probate conveyancing services for decades, leaving customers all over the UK satisfied.

We have experience with a number of different probate conveyancing processes, including:

  • Wills

  • Inheritance tax planning

  • Asset protection

  • Lasting powers of attorney

  • Registration of enduring powers of attorney

  • Administration of estate

  • Obtaining grants of probate

  • Dealing with intestacy

Check the contact details and location of our Halifax Office.

Need more information on our Probate Conveyancing services?

Get in touch with our team directly today for more information on how we could help you and your family.

All four offices are open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day, Monday to Friday, and each office can be reached by contacting them on each dedicated line, or via the main email address which is:

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