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Supporting you as you adapt to changing circumstances

Remortgaging is, simply put, the process of closing one mortgage account and replacing it with another.

Essentially, the new mortgage pays off the old mortgage and you are then subject to new terms.

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Most people remortgage to access some of the funds they have, from their increase in the equity of their property, and therefore remortgaging is seen as one of the cheapest ways of raising funds.

Therefore, whether you are wishing to assist with a family wedding or start a business of your own, remortgaging can often feel like a relatively safe option to assist with a significant chapter in your life.

Needless to say, any remortgage involved a certain amount of legal work, which is exactly where your chosen conveyancer comes in.

Here at Angela Viney Conveyancing Services, we are here to help with any aspect of the remortgaging process, so if you have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Your Dream Home

Extending or developing the home you love is often the most popular reason for remortgaging. Let us assist you in your plans of one of the most exciting aspects of home ownership.

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Pay For Your Wedding

If your wedding plans need a little extra help financially and you already own your own home, remortgaging your property is something you might consider as an alternative to a loan.

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Secure Your Future

Remortgaging with your current lender is a straightforward process, but moving to a new lender needs a conveyancer. We can help you as you secure a better deal on your home.

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