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Development Conveyancing

Angela Viney Conveyancing Services has years of experience helping clients with development projects. We have worked on hundreds of development projects for our clients, securing development units and site acquisitions with our conveyancing services.

We’ll use our expertise to ensure your development projects are completed as smoothly as possible and with minimal fuss.

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Industry-Leading Property Development Conveyancing Services

At Angela Viney Conveyancing Services, we don’t just provide legal advice relating to property development.

Our services are catered to your needs and we’re ready to work with you at any point in the process. 

We offer scalable solutions for you throughout your property development project. So, if you hit a legal snag that holds up the next stage of development, we’ll respond quickly to mitigate any risks.

Property Development Conveyancing and More

Our trained property lawyers provide conveyancing services for various types of development projects. We’re able to help with:

  • Property development conveyancing

  • Conveyancing for joint ventures and promotion agreements

  • Roads and services as part of a development

  • Planning and Section 106 agreements

  • Conveyancing for buying and selling sites

  • Land options and conditional contracts for developments

Because of our experience, we’re able to provide a knowledgeable and professional service at most stages of a development project, regardless of the industry.

Check the contact details and location of our Halifax Office.

Expert advice in Development Conveyancing

Our team will be happy to discuss your development project and can give you an estimate of the fees using our fee estimator.

All three offices are open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day, Monday to Friday, and each office can be reached by contacting them on each dedicated line, or via the main email address which is:

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